Embracing Diversity

Yue-Sai Kan has constantly been presenting audiences with diverse cultural experiences. Her ground-breaking television series Looking East, which introduced American audiences to Asian cultures in the early 70s, and One World which aired on China’s national television network CCTV and brought the outside world to Chinese viewers, were both created on the values of promoting understanding and appreciation by learning about the different aspects of other cultures including their customs, their food, systems of belief, and art.
Having filmed in more than 25 countries including China, Thailand, Vatican City, and many more, Yue-Sai’s television career focused on celebrating our differences to create a shared sense of humanity. Now in 2024, she has decided to spread this message through the Yue-Sai Kan One World Social Media Video Series. Starting in Hawaii, Yue-Sai will once again travel the globe to showcase the spectacular diversity of the people, places, and cultures within it.