Yue-Sai’s Autobiography: The Most Famous Woman in China

The Most Famous Woman in China (Available August 27, 2024)
Read Yue-Sai’s remarkable life story and how it parallels China’s evolution throughout the decades. Follow her meteoric rise from Chinese refugee, to global media icon, groundbreaking entrepreneur, and impactful philanthropist—including the creation of her own 501(c)(3) organization, the Yue-Sai Kan One World Foundation. 100% of the book’s net proceeds will be donated to the foundation, so pre-order her book today to support Yue-Sai’s vision for a more united, less fearful world.


Embark on an enthralling journey alongside Yue-Sai Kan, celebrated as “the most famous woman in China.” Against the backdrop of China’s explosive economic expansion spanning more than half a century, this memoir unveils Yue-Sai’s evolution from a determined 16-year-old refugee in Hong Kong to an aspiring concert pianist in Hawaii to a revolutionary media icon, entrepreneur, and groundbreaking influencer shaping the lifestyles of China’s young women. Witness the nation’s metamorphosis, capturing sweeping changes in culture and economics alongside intimate tales of individuals navigating a constantly evolving world.

Through Yue-Sai’s lens as a Chinese American determined to bring an understanding of these two far-flung cultures to each other, “The First Chinese Influencer” pays tribute to resilience and foresight, illustrating how personal destiny shapes and, in turn, molds the contours of global culture. Enhanced with vivid storytelling, exclusive photos, and videos, this literary exploration invites you into the life of a visionary who dared to dream, leaving an indelible mark on the modern narrative of East and West.

Dive into its pages, where history, culture, and personal saga converge, and discover why Yue-Sai Kan emerges not only as a witness to change but also as a formidable force steering its course. More than just her story, this narrative reflects the transformation of a world brought to light by a true pioneer.
“Passion is the single thread that runs through all of Yue-Sai's success, and it is what has led her to her lifelong devotion to creating a true understanding of world culture.”
Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud
Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States

About Yue-Sai Kan

In 1972, Yue-Sai debuted the groundbreaking TV series “Looking East,” introducing Americans to Asian cultures. Her next series, “One World,” aired on China’s CCTV, and reached over a billion viewers, earning her the title “China’s Most Famous Woman.” In 1992, she founded Yue-Sai Cosmetics. It quickly became China’s top cosmetic brand and was later acquired by L’Oreal.
Recognized as a cultural pioneer, she’s twice appeared on Chinese postage stamps, not just for the success she’s achieved, but for her humanitarianism. For example, she has raised millions for philanthropic organizations like the Shanghai Soong Qing Ling Foundation to upgrade hospitals in remote areas of China, as well the China Institute In America, a 100-year-old organization dedicated to promoting cultural understanding. Now, through her non-profit, the Yue-Sai Kan One World Foundation, she advocates for cultural inclusivity and harmony.